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The Oakland Raiders Select...

The Raiders lost to the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon. It wasn’t just another Raider loss. The Chiefs didn’t blow them out. The Raiders didn’t give points away off of turnovers early in the game. The defense wasn’t on the field the entire time. No, this loss was different.

This loss exposed the Raiders not as a team that is on the brink of figuring it out, not on the cusp of building a winner, not on the edge of demonstrating a commitment to excellence, not even close. What is it going to take to turn this team around? Number one draft picks? They’re sure to get plenty of those if things continue this way in the future.

DHB was who we thought he was, a track star. Scouting report on draft day? “Inconsistent Hands.” This proved to be false. I wish he had inconsistent hands. All he’s shown so far in the NFL is that he consistently cannot catch the football. “Inconsistent Hands” is the most politically correct way for an analyst to say “What were the Raiders thinking with that pick? This guy can’t catch.”

It all stems from owner Al Davis’ delusion in thinking that he can turn anybody with speed or size into a premier football player. These are first round picks Mr. Davis. It’s not a time to gamble. It’s not a time to shock the football world. It’s not a time to try to prove a point. It’s an opportunity to better the product that you put on the field.

Give me the biggest quarterback in the draft!

But, Mr. Davis, he’s not that smart, and he wasn’t even that great in college, and he has a questionable work ethic, and he might hold out for ridiculous money, and there’s a running back coming out of Oklahoma that looks pretty promising.

Give me the fastest receiver in the draft!

But, Mr. Davis, he can’t catch, and he played for Maryland, and he never really had that much success there, and we’re told he’s a terrible route runner, and if we want him, we may be able to get him late in the second or third round, and Michael Crabtree is still available.

Michael Crabtree sat out until Halloween and made an immediate impact for his team, catching six passes in his 49er debut, pulling him one ahead of DHB’s catch total on the year at that time. Jeremy Maclin is catching long balls for the Eagles and has put together a successful rookie campaign thus far.

DHB has had nothing but negative impact on the Raiders chances for success. His “Drop,” if you can call it that, looked more like an assist in a volleyball match. I wish the CBS cameras could have captured how big the eyes of Kansas City’s Mike Brown got when DHB bobbled that ball and tipped it up in the air. Then again any defensive back licks their chops when they play the Raiders.

Bad break for Gradkowski, who made an excellent throw at a time his team really needed it. But, maybe he’s to blame for putting such a big moment on DHB’s shoulders. He already dropped a big one in the first half on a perfectly thrown pass by “The Deuce.” DHB couldn’t catch a handoff. I really hope this isn’t the signature play of his Raider career.

The Deuce completed a big pass to Murphy immediately after DHB’s Touchdown drop, only to have it called back due to “Offensive tripping.” Thank you Robert Gallery, first round pick in 2004. You haven’t really panned out either. You look scary, unfortunately, that’s not the reason you were drafted. Wanna get a stomach ache? Check out who was drafted immediately after Robert Gallery in 2004, Larry Fitzgerald and Phillip Rivers.

Darren McFadden, first round pick in 2008, had four touches today, and wasn’t effective with any of them. The Deuce, first fround pick in 2007, was benched for Brad Gradkowski. Brad Gradkowski, is perhaps a distant cousin to Sebastian Janikowski. And even though something about having the NFL’s only Polish QB-K combo would be fun, I don’t think Gradkowski’s the answer. He’s still however, number one to The Deuce in my book.

Al Davis’ ways of scouting, drafting, owning, and operating are not working. The team is not getting better. The coaching is not getting better. By the way, we’re all waiting for you to fire him and appoint a new stooge. I’ll take anyone at this point. I’d just like to see a coach who could get fired up and upset with the way his team’s playing without fear of backlash in his next anger management meeting. The buzz cut has not changed the Raiders’ luck Coach Cable. Maybe you should try growing a beard, or not changing your socks until we win, or promise the team you’ll sit in a dunk tank if they beat the Bengals next week.

Mr. Davis is going to get another early first round pick in 2010. The Commissioner can thank me for preparing his speech early.

With their first pick of the 2010 draft, the Oakland Raiders select, a real shocker, a player with no work ethic, a player who cannot make an impact in a positive way, a player who will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, a player who may be traded to another team and have success, a player who’ll be paid a fortune, and a player who won’t earn a penny of it.

Jake Simmons