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Where's the Disclaimer?

According to Coach Tom Cable, if the Raiders were to start “Believing in themselves,” “Trusting in each other,” and “Being accountable,” they would start to consistently win football games. These are the responses we’ve heard over and over this season.

You’re telling me that if Russell believes he’ll make good decisions, he will? You’re telling me that if Michael Bush trusts his o-line to create some holes, they will? You’re also telling me that if we start hearing more “My bads” and “It’s on mes” the Raiders will be back on track? I don’t buy it.

These are weak responses to legitimate questions Coach. What can JaMarcus do to get better? Trust. What can the offense do to give the defense some rest? Believe. What’s it going to take to get the receivers involved? Be accountable. Come on.

The Raiders have gone backwards after their big win against Philly. 38-0. No points. Not even a field goal. Not even an attempted field goal. Nothing. At home. The Raiders haven’t seen a loss like this since “Love Me Do” was topping the charts.

The Networks need to display a disclaimer before every Raider game that says, “Warning: What you are about to see may not resemble a professional football game.” You never know what you’re going to get on Sunday. “Inconsistent” is not a good enough adjective to describe Raider football. Let’s go with “Bumfuzzling.”

The Raiders play like the first hour of “Little Giants.” I’m waiting for someone to run the ball into the wrong end zone, or come out of the tunnel with a jock strap on their face. Maybe Russell would play better with his helmet on backwards. Tom Cable’s ready to gather his offense around and draw a deep post on his hand with his index finger before sending them out for 3rd and 27. What a joke. Unfortunately, unlike in “Little Giants,” these are professional athletes, who aren’t developing confidence, not overcoming obstacles, and not moving towards a win in the end.

Mark Sanchez was so riveted with the Raider’s performance on Sunday, that he pounded a hot dog to kill some time. If this is going to be a new trend, then someone had better call ahead to Qualcom, and place an order of garlic fries for Phillip Rivers next week. He’ll probably need them sometime late in the first half.

Jake Simmons