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Say More Seymour

What a difference a month in Alameda makes. Richard Seymour has guaranteed a spot for the Raiders in the playoffs this year. Richard Seymour.
In so doing, he’s guaranteeing that JaMarcuss Russel isn’t the quarterback we all think he is, but rather, the quarterback who can close the door and direct his team towards victory with sixty yard bombs and twenty yard scampers, breaking tackles, and diving head first for extra yardage. Maybe he’ll even leave those five-karat studs he wears in his ears at home. The beanie too.
He’s guaranteeing that Darren McFadden will now become the playmaker he’s capable of being. He’s going to wash the butter off of his cleats and gloves. He’s going to be the one stiff-arming tacklers and high stepping to the end zone. He’s going to be in the black hole more often than the churro guy. His turf toes have cleared up as well as his indigestion, sleepiness, and mental strain that could’ve potentially kept him out of games in the future.
He’s guaranteeing that players not named Asomugha will start shutting down options for the opposition. Putting McNabb on his back six times isn’t enough. They want more. The defense is going to take the ball away, and when they do, they won’t even have time to say “Gimmie It” before taking it to the house for six.
He’s guaranteeing that Tom Cable has complete control of his team both inside and outside of the locker room. Al Davis is not calling the plays or telling him which quarterback to start. Cable has a team with a history of losing believing in their capabilities to dominate. He’s brought the swagger back to the Silver and Black. He may or may not have been texting Josh McDaniels saying “Hi Josh. It’s Tom. Need to fix my qb sitch. Any 411? TTYL.” Cable has it figured out and he’s got a system for JaMarcuss that’s going to make him a superstar.
He’s guaranteeing that the kickers will no longer be over worked. They won’t have to ice up more than the quarterback after the game. Punter Shane Lechler won’t be getting game balls anymore. Those will be saved for people who, I don’t know, score or create turnovers. Janikowski, The Leg, won’t be the only way the Raiders put points on the board, but will be dusted off for a fifty eight yarder every now and then.
He’s guaranteeing that for the rest of the season, the fans are going to have something to be excited about. They won’t spend a fortune on gas, food, tickets, beer, and gear in vein because their team won’t roll over in the first quarter.
He’s guaranteeing that Al Davis has realized that his way of running a football team probably isn’t the right way any longer. Al is going to stand by a coach and invest in a system and begin to preach stability. He’s going to allow winners to take over his franchise and demonstrate the “Commitment to Excellence” that Mr. Davis no longer can.
Seymour’s guaranteeing that teams like the Texans, Dolphins, Jets, Chargers, Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, and Jaguars are all going to be far back in the rear view mirror come January.
This should be something.
Raider fans have been waiting for something like this to be in the news. The Raiders are relevant again. It’s not entirely because of what Seymour has said and not because Tom Cable isn’t going to prison for breaking an assistant’s jaw and threatening to kill him. The Raiders…beat the Eagles last week, the thirty-one points a game scoring Eagles last week. The Raiders held them out of the end zone last week, and put McNabb in the ground six times last week. They’re relevant because this week, against the Jets, they’re probably going to win again.
Seymour’s guarantee is exciting for Raider fans. It’s been a long time since anyone with a history of success, anyone with a resume like his, has believed in this team so publicly. Bully for him and welcome to Oakland. This is the sort of guarantee that’s presence is more important than its delivery. The Raiders need this, the fans deserve this, and for the first time in six years, it looks like the players aren’t content being a “Scrimmage” team.
Whether they make the playoffs or not, the NFL is better when the Raiders are winning. They’re such a polarizing team, arguably the most hated and loved organization in professional sports and a team like that should never be irrelevant.
It’s been at least eleven losses in six straight seasons for the Raiders. No fan of any other team has endured a stretch like this. Not the Ram fans, the Lion fans, the Bengal fans, or the Buccaneer fans have ever endured a six-year period with this much losing.
If there were ever a time for a shake up, a spark, or a step in the right direction, this year has got to be that year. The stage is set, the Raiders played hard against the Chargers on opening night and lost in the final seconds. They were absent against the Broncos and Giants and all hope appeared to be lost. But, then comes a win. And now, the fans and players alike don’t know what to think about what comes next. Actually, Richard Seymour seems to have a pretty good understanding of what lies ahead. The rest of the season is in the balance. Sunday’s game against the Jets is huge, and if they’re going to make the playoffs like Seymour has said, Sunday is a must win.
Tom Cable said that the Raiders are going to have to learn how to deal with winning. Believe me Tom, so will the fans. But, it’s something we’re willing to try.